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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I decline the Contractual Disclosure Facility?

A person can, if they do not believe they have committed tax fraud, complete a relevant form and decline to take part in the contractual disclosure facility.

Can I use the Worldwide Disclosure Facility?

In order to be considered for the Worldwide Disclosure Facility an individual (or business) must have meet a set of defined criteria.

Do I need to attend meetings with HMRC?

The simple answer to this question is that there is no requirement in law for you to attend a meeting with HMRC. This does not mean...

Do I need to provide bank statements to HMRC?

This depends on various different circumstances. If HMRC have not found and errors in your accounts or tax returns then this can be...

Do you offer services to accountants?

Gilbert Tax work with a number of accounting practices whether giving tactical advice on dealing with HMRC...

How can I stay in control during a tax investigation?

The key to getting the best result with regards to a tax investigation is control. The best way to keep control is to engage with...

How do I disclose and repay unpaid property tax?

HMRC are only interested in receiving the LPC disclosure form if there is tax due. In some cases there will be losses and we always send HMRC a copy of the profit and loss account.

How do I pay overdue income tax?

This is a more common problem that many people believe. There are many people who set out as self employed (especially in times of recession...

How do I use the Contractual Disclosure Facility?

The contractual disclosure facility is a prescribed format. The offer to take part in the facility can only be made by HMRC.

How does Gilbert Tax handle tax investigations?

We are passionate about defending our tax investigations clients within the scope and parameters of the law...

How long has Gilbert Tax being operating?

Gilbert Tax was founded by Scott Gilbert and Kim Rayfield in 2004 and in the years of trading they have built the business...

What are COP8 penalties?

The requirement to correct legislation also introduces significantly higher penalties for people who have accounts offshore where they get their tax affairs wrong.

What happens in the Worldwide Disclosure Facility?

This can be a very complicated process and it is our opinion that 90 days is a challenge in all but the simplest cases.

What is Code of Practice 8 (COP8)?

Where HMRC issue Code of Practice 8 or Requirement to Correct it should always be noted that HMRC do not, at the time of issue, suspect that a person has deliberately taken illegal steps.

What is HMRC 'requirement to correct'?

HMRC’s focus has now turned to offshore matters with regards to planning and to people who reside in the UK (although they may not be technically resident or domicile in the UK).

What is a tax investigation?

HMRC tax investigations are very stressful and difficult for the person under enquiry even if handled well. If handled badly a tax...

What is the Contractual Disclosure Facility?

Being subject to a tax investigation is very stressful for people, but being subject to the contractual disclosure facility arrangements is one step down from being subject to a prosecution for tax fraud.

What is the Let Property Campaign?

Unlike many historic HMRC campaigns, the Let Property Campaign (LPC) has not got a date by which HMRC will close it so it is no longer available.

What is the Worldwide Disclosure Facility?

In order to assist people in making a disclosure of any offshore errors HMRC introduced the Worldwide Disclosure Facility.

Who can use the Let Property Campaign?

The process is that HMRC are notified (by either the individual or their advisor) that the individual wishes to take part in the LPC and HMRC write to them.

Why are HMRC investigating me?

Despite a common misconception that the income tax investigation is a random enquiry nearly all Inland Revenue investigations are...

Will HMRC tell me why I'm being investigated?

HMRC are very unlikely to reveal any information as to why they are enquiring into your tax affairs. They will occasionally give hints to...

Will I have extra time to pay my tax bill?

The real answer to this is that sometimes HMRC will agree a time to pay arrangement with interest charged on the debt. They need to be satisfied...

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