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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend meetings with HMRC?

The simple answer to this question is that there is no requirement in law for you to attend a meeting with HMRC. This does not mean...

Do I need to provide bank statements to HMRC?

This depends on various different circumstances. If HMRC have not found and errors in your accounts or tax returns then this can be...

How do I pay overdue income tax?

This is a more common problem that many people believe. There are many people who set out as self employed (especially in times of recession...

Why are HMRC investigating me?

Despite a common misconception that the income tax investigation is a random enquiry nearly all Inland Revenue investigations are...

Will HMRC tell me why I'm being investigated?

HMRC are very unlikely to reveal any information as to why they are enquiring into your tax affairs. They will occasionally give hints to...

Will I have extra time to pay my tax bill?

The real answer to this is that sometimes HMRC will agree a time to pay arrangement with interest charged on the debt. They need to be satisfied...

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