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What is HMRC 'requirement to correct'?


HMRC’s focus has now turned to offshore matters with regards to planning and to people who reside in the UK (although they may not be technically resident or domicile in the UK).  

Late last year the Automatic Exchange of information legislation came into force.  What this means is that a most tax authorities in the world are now gathering and exchanging information with other countries in the world.

Each tax authority is gathering information from financial institutions (banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment companies and where there is a linked address to someone in another country, they are automatically sending the information to the tax authorities in the relevant country.  

The exchange of this information has already led to HMRC’s Risk and Intelligence unit sending out a significant number of standard letters asking people to confirm that they have declared all of their income.

Read more about Code of Practice 8 (COP8).

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