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May 2020 Tax Investigation Round Up

IR35 rules declared 'flawed' by House of Lords review, opera house loses Upper Tribunal appeal, tax haven multi-nationals denied Covid-19 aid.

April 2020 Tax Investigation Round Up

Director fined £10k over failure to provide pensions information, five arrested over loan charge fraud, Eamonn Holmes loses First-Tier Tribunal.

March 2020 Tax Investigation Round Up

Restaurateur's £570k tax fraud, jail time for a printing company bosses, charity head’s £250k tax fraud and HMRC begins IR35 implementation…

February 2020 Tax Investigation Round Up

Senior civil servant steals over £1.7m, Edinburgh named as top spot for tax avoiders, restaurant bosses disqualified for 18 years, and a recruitment agency receives £11k fine for false pension claims.

January 2020 Tax Investigation Round Up

Katie Price fails to repay debts, Lloyd Webber's £6m capital gains tax win, growing list of individuals HMRC are confident can be prosecuted, government defers loan charge repayments...

December 2019 Tax Investigation Round Up

HMRC targets tax evasion committed by associated persons, IT contractor wins £240k IR35 appeal, and history’s four most famous tax evaders...

November 2019 Tax Investigation Round Up

Isle of Man cleared over private jet VAT avoidance, threat to name and shame aggressive tax dodgers not working, HMRC turns to real-time data in tax-avoidance clampdown, and HMRC issued massive tax bill to "frighten taxpayer into responding"...

October 2019 Tax Investigation Round Up

Fraud barrister disbarred for tax fraud, Goals admits final tax fraud bill may be much higher than feared, BBC presenters lose in IR35 ‘chaos’, and haulage boss and accountant jailed over tax fraud...

September 2019 Tax Investigation Round Up

Debt bosses banned after £6.6m shortfall in funds, builder jailed for £110k tax fraud, HMRC seeking £30m more tax from contractor investigations, and tax investigations yield hits £13bn...

August 2019 Tax Investigation Round Up

Ingenious film scheme ruled tax avoidance at appeal, errors on self-assessment statements deemed a fiasco, call centre boss and accountant jailed in £2.3m tax fraud, and number of inheritance tax investigations increases…

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