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What to Expect in a Tax Investigation

How we handle HMRC

We are passionate about defending our tax investigations clients within the scope and parameters of the law.

We work both with tax advisors direct, helping them defend their clients position with regards to a HMRC tax investigation and directly with individuals and businesses.

We are available whenever someone wishes to speak to us. This includes weekends and evenings as well as office hours. If we do not answer please leave a message or email us at and one of our experienced partners will contact you as soon as possible.

We believe in taking control of an enquiry from the hands of HMRC at the earliest stage possible to ensure that it is proactively managed to our client’s time scales not those of HMRC.

Our ethos is that we cooperate with HMRC where appropriate and will normally try to use persuasion and negotiation over brute force. However, this does not mean that we accept aggressive tactics or that we will comply with all requests made by HMRC as part of the tax investigation.

Each tax investigation is different and we tailor our approach in order to decide exactly what is best for our client with regards to cooperating with requests for information etc from HMRC.

Where we do not believe that HMRC are entitled to information and we do not see the benefits of providing this voluntarily we believe in politely refusing to provide the information.

The individuals who form Gilbert Tax have experience of working for HMRC, a big four firm, and small independent accounting practice. This coupled with our understanding of business from years of dealing with clients and from the experience gained from running our own business enables us to look at matters from every angle. We use this knowledge to benefit our clients as we can truly say we understand all parties’ concerns having experience in them all.

We are willing to review any case and if we do not think we can help we will say so from the start.

We work alongside clients and practitioners. We do not provide a service of completing tax returns or preparation of accounts on an ongoing basis and specialise in tax investigation and tax dispute work only. Thus you can be assured of specialist advice.

We are willing to assist with any size case and are quiet happy to give tactical advice to small practitioners or businesses direct.

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