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Why are HMRC investigating me?


HMRC could be investigating you for one or more of a number of different reasons. Despite a common misconception that the income tax investigation is a random enquiry nearly all Inland Revenue investigations are conducted because HMRC believe that there is something wrong with your tax affairs.

The process of selecting a case for an Inland Revenue Investigation is quite intense. HMRC have access to information from a number of sources, including banks, local authorities, newspapers, Yellow pages, local directories and of course the internet.

This sort of information will be gathered and stored. The advent of the computerised self assessment method of taxation launched in 1997 means that HMRC have information on their computer system relating to your business on a year on year basis and they are also (due to the trade classification codes that are allocated in every instance) able to compare not only your businesses year on year results but with those in your local area who operate in the same field of business.

In addition the encouragement of informants over the last few years has given HMRC an additional seam of information.

All of these factors are looked at and if HMRC hold some (supposedly) hard information from an informant and there are unexplained differences between your business and that of your local competitors then the likely hood of a full blown Inland Revenue Investigation increases.

This is not to say that the information that HMRC have is correct or that there assumptions are correct it is just to say that they believe that there is the distinct possibility that the accounts and tax returns are incorrect.

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"We understand that people sometimes make mistakes in their dealings with HMRC and that HMRC make mistakes in dealing with taxpayers. Many people do not know how to deal with HMRC or who to turn to for help resolve the tax dispute.

Our firm of tax advisors specialise in resolving people's problems with HMRC. We have extensive expertise in dealing with all forms of tax investigations and tax disputes as well as with taking matters to the Tax Tribunal where agreement cannot be reached.

We deal both directly with the individual who is under enquiry and also work with many firms of accountants supporting them in dealing with HMRC disputes and advising them on how to handle HRMC to get the best result.

The fact is that proper management of HMRC is the best way of reducing the tax, interest and penalty as well as the time taken in resolving any tax dispute.

Our expert team are none judgemental and rigorously defend your position within the scope and parameter of the law. We take control and manage the process to minimise the interruptions that any form of tax investigation causes to an individual's life and business."