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Gilbert Tax work with a number of accounting practices whether giving tactical advice on dealing with HMRC and not having a direct involvement, or being the lead of the investigation working behind the scenes with the accounting practice.

Some of the common issues Gilbert Tax see when they are not involved from the beginning of an enquiry are:

  • Not checking that the enquiry is started in the allowed time window.
  • Where HMRC claim to have a discovery enquiry (technically there is no such thing) accountants not challenging HMRC on the fundamentals of what they believe they have discovered.
  • Providing information without thinking is it reasonably required and what tax position HMRC are testing.

Free guidance for accountants

Should you have any HMRC issues with regards to your client please give us a call or e mail us and we can discuss the case. Initial discussions are free of charge. We cover practically all manner of HMRC enquiries but more detail of all different aspects, client testimonials and case studies can be found on this website.

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