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Waste company £250,000 VAT fraud

A HMRC investigation has found a Manchester waste management company owner guilty of fraudulently claiming more than £250,000 in VAT repayments. Between June 2013 and November 2015, the director forged a total of 36 fake invoices for non-existent business purchases of heavy machinery and goods. After claiming fraudulent VAT repayments, HMRC investigators found that the stolen money was then passed through multiple bank accounts in a deliberate attempt to hide the cash.

The business owners two companies which provided engineering and waste management services were then liquidated in August 2016 following HMRCs findings. He then pleaded guilty to all three counts of VAT fraud and money laundering at Manchester Crown Court, resulting in an 18-month prison sentence being awarded.

The assistant director of the HMRC fraud investigation service Tim Atkins said "This was a sustained attempt to steal taxpayer's money and [the individual] was shameless in his greed. He told lie after lie to line his own pockets and then tried to launder the cash so it couldn't be traced back to him."

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