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Tax Fraud Charges Dropped for Corporate Financier

All tax fraud charges previously brought against the co-founder of a corporate finance house based in Manchester have been officially dropped. The co-founder of Zeus Capital had been charged with conspiracy and intent to defraud HMRC. The charges have since been dropped following an application made by his lawyers for the charges to be dismissed which was ruled in his favour last year.

Following this the Crown Prosecution Service has now admitted that HMRC "pursued the case in the face of a fundamentally flawed investigation, having failed to properly apply the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996".

They also admitted that there was "a stark failure to pursue lines of inquiry involving three former employees at HSBC that emerged in the early stages of the investigation, which dates back to 2010".

The Crown Prosecution Service "accepted that the charging decision was premature and that not all available material was properly considered at the time the charges were brought".

Separate Internal investigations have been launched by both the Crown Prosecution Service and HMRC into the conduct of the case and how it ever came to be in court.

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