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Tax dodging chip shop owner

A tax dodging chip shop owner reportedly paid £600,000 in cash to purchase a large property owned by a £7 million lottery winner. The Brambles mansion, which comes with a games room and a fishing lake, had a market value of over £1 million but was sold at the bargain price of £618,000 by lottery winner Roy Gibney. The cash purchase was funded by the individual's three fish and chip shops and was just one of a string of extravagant purchases which included a top of the range Mercedes worth £60,000.

Following the purchase, the police opened what turned out to be a lengthy investigation into the chip shop owner and his tax affairs. This included a raid on the individual's home during which police discovered another £63,000 in cash stuffed inside a suitcase. During this time, in an attempt to keep the property sale from his rap sheet, he transferred ownership to his father, although there is no suggestion his father was aware of the criminal activity.

The case concluded at Grimsby Crown Court where the extent of the individual's fraud was revealed along with how he had benefited from avoiding £1.4 million in tax payments between the years of 2009 and 2015. The result was a prison sentence being awarded for a total of three and a half years. The individual's lawyer stated that he is also likely to lose his businesses as a result of the sentence.

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