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Shakira investigated for tax evasion

Spanish authorities claim that the Colombian singer Shakira has evaded more than £12 million in tax payments and has been summoned to appear in a Spanish court. The summons was issued following an investigation into Shakira's tax affairs by Spanish tax authorities. The investigation started in January 2018 and has resulted in prosecutors arguing that the singer claimed to reside in the Bahamas when she was in fact living in Barcelona at the time.

Consequently, it is claimed by the Spanish authorities, Shakira was able to evade £12.4 million in tax payments. Records show that Shakira officially changed residence from the Bahamas to Barcelona in 2015, where she lives with her partner and their two sons. However, prosecutors believe that Shakira was already living in the capital for at least two years prior to officially changing residence.

In these alleged two years all worldwide income earned by Shakira should have resulted in taxes being paid in Spain which was not the case. This was enough for a Spanish judge to agree to investigate the case and summon Shakira to appear in court later in 2019, despite Shakira having apparently already made a payment of over 14 million Euro to settle the debt and denying any intentional tax evasion.

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