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Father and Son £50,000 Tax Fraud

A disgraced doctor and his son have been found guilty of a £50,000 tax fraud after making false VAT claims through a series of bogus companies they had created. The fraud was carried out by the father, aged 55, and his son, aged 27, claiming rebates on businesses expenses that didn't exist. The companies they created as part of the scheme were involved in selling various products ranging from books and clothes to medical supplies.

The father, a cosmetic surgeon, was struck off in 2013 having been found guilty of performing illegal cosmetic procedures, with the recent ruling coming as his latest legal defeat despite denying a total of eight counts of making fraudulent claims between the years of 2008 and 2016. Three hours of deliberations saw the ex-Doctor found guilty of fraud on a single count, and his son found guilty of four counts.

HMRC's investigation into the pair was first launched when anomalies were discovered in the series of companies that had been set up. Letters were sent to both parties' home address to notify them of the investigation, but with no reply being received HMRC subsequently raided the properties as part of their process of collecting evidence.

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