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Father and Son £190,000 Tax Fraud

A father and son in Northern Ireland have been sentenced for tax fraud following a HMRC investigation into false invoices and fraudulent VAT repayments. The 52-year-old father and his 31-year-old son were found to have fraudulently claimed back as much as £190,507 in VAT payments from HMRC.

Both men were directors of their own tyre companies in Ballyclare and had both claimed to have purchased tyres from another company in the Republic of Ireland, which checks carried out by HMRC revealed to not be the case. The invoices submitted as proof we in fact false and generated for the purposes of fraudulently claiming VAT repayments.

Steve Tracey, assistant director of HMRC Fraud Investigation Service explained that "When we pay tax, we expect it to go towards paying for vital public services, not to line the pockets of unscrupulous traders. The Beatties knew they were breaking the law but thought they could get away with ripping off honest taxpayers."

Both men received suspended sentences, disqualifications from being directors, and have been ordered to pay a compensation order of £62,745.

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