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Let Property Campaign Case Study

Let Property Campaign (LPC) Specialists

We were approached by an individual who had received a letter from HMRC indicating that they potentially had property which was rented out and following a discussion the client engaged the services of Gilbert Tax.

We contacted HMRC to say that we were acting on their behalf and to explain that when the form was submitted online we would send a letter setting out the work we had done and what estimates we had made.

Overcoming Incomplete Records

Not all records to support the income and expenditure were available and working with the recollection of the client we made estimates of the amounts of income and expenditure. The client had done some major renovation to the property before it was let but kept no receipts and the level of costs he incurred had the potential to save thousands of pounds of tax.

We asked if he had kept any picture of the improvements and after searching some were found. HMRC accepted the pictures as evidence of the work being done and also the amounts our client recalled spending.

The matter was settled without any further questions from HMRC following their review of our letter.

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