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Increase in Tax Payers Challenging HMRC

The amount of tax payers challenging HMRC in the High Court has increased by 36% over the past year in response to a more aggressive HMRC stance. In 2017 there were 90 judicial reviews. A figure which has risen to 122 in 2018 representing the 36% increase. A legal firm in London has suggested the increase in legal challenges is a result of HMRC pursuing individuals more aggressively, leading to tax payers believing they have been treated unfairly.

A spokesperson from the London legal firm said "HMRC's increasing aggression and intransigence mean that judicial reviews are becoming far too common and are all too often the result of simple errors by HMRC and a dogged refusal to correct them". They went on to suggest that the increased aggression from HMRC is a consequence of growing political pressure to increase tax revenues.

The cases that are currently active and being heard in court vary in their nature and range from HMRC serving notices beyond their jurisdiction, to legal battles over HMRC failing to follow their own rules and guidance. This news comes following reports earlier this year of HMRC continuing to pursue individuals suffering from mental health issues, despite having been notified.

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