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Company Director Receives 12 Year Ban

An event management and production company director has received a 12-year ban after being found submitting false invoices. The company director from Stroud was the sole director of the business which went into liquidation in the July of 2015. The Insolvency Service uncovered unentitled VAT reclaims for services that had been provided to him personally, such as his own wedding reception.

During the course of the VAT investigation, the Insolvency Service were provided with a number of fake invoices which showed materially different details to what was detailed in the originals. The director suggested these invoices were for legitimate business expenses. In addition to these fake invoices, there was a failure to provide further evidence to account for a subsequent VAT refund totalling £121,427.

Chief investigator Sue Macleod said that directors must ensure that any VAT claims they are making are legitimate company expenditure and not for personal expenses. She went on to say that false claims such as the ones made in this case result in HMRC refunding monies the company are not entitled to, which has consequences.

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