Tax investigation into French Minister for Tax Fraud.

I has been reported that France’s budget minister resigned yesterday over suspicions of tax fraud. This follows Paris prosecutors opening a tax investigation into tax fraud focussed on Cahuzac, the minister who has resigned.

Cahuzac has been a long time critic of people who commit tax fraud and French citizens whom have accounts in tax havens, or whom leave France for tax reasons to avoid or evade tax.

Allegations were made in December 2012 that Cahuzac had committed tax fraud and it was alleged that this tax fraud involved moving money from a Swiss account into one in Singapore. This allegation was supported in its claim of tax fraud by a supposed recording of Cahuzac’s voice talking about the accounts.

A defamation complaint was made by Cahuzac denying tax fraud but Paris officials opened a judicial tax investigation into the alleged tax fraud. That is not to say that Cahuzac is guilty of a tax fraud and it remains to be seen what action the French tax investigation of the alleged tax fraud brings about.

There has been across the globe a marked increase in investigations into tax fraud and in the UK there have been a number of high profile prosecutions of barristers, plumbers and other people for tax fraud following detailed criminal tax investigations. HMRC have increased the number of investigations to pursue tax investigations into tax fraud and announced a significant increases of criminal tax investigation numbers for tax fraud.

As with most things in life, if someone has committed tax fraud they are much more likely to have an easier time in a tax investigation if they bring this tax fraud to the attention of HMRC, whether by way of tax amnesties or voluntary disclosure of the tax fraud.

It is however important that people who have committed tax fraud or whom have a tax investigation get proper professional representation by people whom deal with tax investigations and disclosure of tax fraud to HMRC.

Gilbert Tax can help you

Gilbert tax have extensive experience in helping people subject to tax investigations relating to any property matter and whether they own one house or multiple properties.

For most people, the simple thought of having to deal with an Tax Investigation (whether relating to tax avoidance or tax evasion) is so terrifying that they avoid the issue altogether and often find themselves in even greater tax investigation difficulties with higher bills than they need to. There is no need to let problems large or small with the HMRC escalate to the point where your quality of life and health suffer.

At Gilbert Tax, we have a wealth of experience in finding closure for clients dealing with Inland Revenue tax investigation and significant experience helping resolve HMRC tax investigations into tax avoidance planning and tax fraud issues.
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