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Failed Tax Avoidance Case: Tax Penalty Due

A common principle in failed tax avoidance cases is that even where there is tax due as a result there will be not tax geared penalty. This is because in tax avoidance an individual has often relied on the professional advice of their tax adviser and has in effect taken reasonable care to ensure that…

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HMRC issue letters to Swiss Bank Asset Holders

HMRC have over the last week been issuing letters to individuals where they hold information that they have assets in Switzerland. The letters are being issued by Specialist Investigations Offshore Coordination Unit. In the letter it explains that HMRC have received information from the UK Swiss Tax Cooperation Agreement that the recipient of the letter…


Isle of Man Disclosure Facility letters

As part of the agreement between the Isle of Man and UK governments people are not starting to receive letters relating to the Isle of Man Disclosure Facility. If you are a UK resident and have an Isle of Man bank account then this agreement means that certain information relating to any bank account you…

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Tax Avoidance: Accountants to be Named and Shamed

It has been reported that British authorities would get the right to name and shame tax advisers who deliberately steer their clients into tax avoidance schemes that are likely to break the law, under a government proposal announced on Monday. The proposal is part of a wider effort to discourage companies and individuals from using…

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How to Survive a Tax Investigation

Surviving a Tax Investigation When the brown envelope from HMRC lands on the doormat, most people don’t need to read the letter in great detail to know that there are difficult times ahead; guilty or innocent HMRC are going to give you a hard time. Craig Tully gives his tips on how to deal with…


Tax Evasion: EU wide plan to share information

It has been widely reported that the European Commission is seeking to up the fight against tax evasion. The EU Commission wants EU government tax authorities to automatically exchange information on a wide range of financial information held in their country’s by people who are not residents in that country but resident in another EU…

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Tax Avoidance: Accountant Sued for Not Helping Client Avoid Tax.

It has been reported that a High Court judge has ruled that accountants had a duty to advise wealthy clients to avoid tax. Hossein Mehjoo, built up a multi-million-pound business in Britain andsued his accountant for £1.4m after it failed to advise him to enter into a tax avoidance scheme. It is reported that Mr Mehjoo tried to…

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Tax Evasion Clampdown: More tax havens agree to share tax information agreement with the UK

Tax Evasion Clampdown: More tax havens agree to share tax information agreement with the UK Following on from the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey agreeing to share tax information with the UK which has resulted in a number of Offshore Tax Facility tax amnesties it has been announced in the last week that agreements…


Tax Evasion to become G8 priority

It has been reported that David Cameron will demand an EU-wide crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance in a bid to boost tax revenues from tax investigations. It is believed that the UK will use the chairmanship of the G8 to push further for a worldwide crackdown on tax avoidance and tax evasion. This announcement…

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New Disclosure Facility: Opportunity to disclose unpaid taxes on favourable terms

HMRC have just published more information on the Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey Disclosure Facilities which run from 1 April 2013 until 30 September 2016. If you already have a relevant asset in the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey, your Financial Intermediary (FI) i.e. bank or other financial institution will contact you before…

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